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Some people describe the Cornish Rex cat as Gazelle-like and their personality is good for folks who like having their loves run by active, inquisitive felines that love a good joke, as long as it's not on them.

Everything is a game to the Cornish Rex, and they can be hard to ignore when they're in a sociable mood, which is most of the time.


The Cornish Rex is an extremely affectionate and devoted cat.  He wants to be included in everything you do and loves to share things. 

He'll help you cook in the kitchen, and taste things as you go along, and at the table.  Your purring companion will steal your food when your back is turned, or even while you're looking. 

Without a squirt bottle it will be hard to keep him out of your plate, after all, you do share everything.  At least that's how he see's it!


Cornish Rex cats are adept climbers, leapers, and sprinters, and have marvelously agile paws.


No shelf or cupboard is safe from a persistent Cornish.  You should consider getting wall shelves so they can run around the room above the heads of everyone in the room.

And when it is time to go to sleep, make sure there is plenty of room in your bed.  If it’s cold, they love sleeping under the covers.  Or just maybe on your head.  Once you own a Cornish rex, you will never be able to live without one.

He’s always on the go, so don’t think that you are acquiring a sweet, quiet lap sitter when you bring the Rex home.

They don't simmer down until they get a little older. 


The Rex speaks his mind.  He might not speak English, but he definitely knows how to get his point across with a glance, gesture, or a vocal, quick clever reply to an insult or criticism.

He can learn anything you can teach, although you may find that he is a better trainer of you  than you are of him.

With his playful, outgoing nature, the Cornish Rex is a good choice for families with children, other pets, or frequent guests.  He is a good traveler and makes an excellent therapy cat.

The Cornish Rex cat is well suited to any home with people who will love him, play with him and give him the attention he seeks.


Keep him indoors to protect him from sunburn, cars, and diseases spread by other cats, attacks from other animals, and disappearing.


Boundaries do not exist for the Cornish Rex.  Ever inquisitive, adventurous, and capable, Cornish Rex's have no concept of boundaries.  All they see are things to investigate, fences to jump, and other yards to explore.  The Rex can cover so much ground in such a short time that before you know it, he could be gone for good.

Cornish Rex Cats
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