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Micheal Vine

Tucson, Arizona


 I don't have anything negative that I can think of to say.  Jacque Thompson is good person with a true heart, she's compassionate, understanding, fair and very knowledgeable.  As far as the Cornish Rex breed, and my little man Charlie (a seal-point Cornish Rex). I do definitely recommend her and her kittens! I always say they are the coolest cat breed there is. Both mine and my brother's are extremely lovable, come when they're called, play fetch with toys, keep us entertained and laughing. I call Charlie my little comedian because he loves attention, and it's strange how laughs fuel his crazy behavior, he has so much personality. And Charlie and Rex (my brother's cat) are both so different too, but their shared qualities are good in a cat, neither of them are hiders, they both love attention, being pet, talked to and loved on.

I guess, if I had to say one kind of negative thing, they both kind of talk a lot, and then yell when their talking isn't drawing your attention, that can get under your skin at times, but in the big picture that's a small thing and I absolutely adore my little buddy. In all honesty I've always been a dog person, but knew after meeting Rex that I wanted a Cornish of my own. And he really took to my baby girl (a Chihuahua-pomeranian mix rescue that I've had since 2 weeks old) from day one too, almost like a motherly figure to him. He literally grew up sleeping on top of her. I'm sending some pics of Charlie and Rex, Charlie and Bea, and the catnasium in the living room. 

Below are pics sent in by Mr. Vine.

Cornish Rex Cats
Charle and Bea
Charlie and Rex
Bea and Charlie
Charlie and Rex

We Love Jacque!

Isaiah Kelley

Tucson, AZ


I was never a cat person until I met Joey, my Cornish Rex.  I knew he was going to be my first cat the moment I met him and I’m glad I got him.  He’s an amazing cat.  And he doesn’t bother my allergies! 


Joey fits in perfectly with our family and he's full of surprises.  He's is very friendly and not afraid of anything.  He’s playful and affectionate with everybody he meets, including other cats and dogs.  In fact he loves dogs. 

Occasionally we foster dogs and litters of puppies and, every time we do, Joey can’t wait to play with them.  He even acts like them.  He’s unlike any other cat I’ve ever met. 

I’ve been extremely happy with Jacque and the whole adoption process.  Jacque was the perfect person to get a cat from.  She stands behind every cat she raises. You can tell she loves her cats because she treats them like royalty.  She’s very knowledgeable and is always glad to answer questions.  I fully trust Jacque and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her as a breeder.  She’s the real deal.

Very Happy with My Two Little Girls

Mike G.

Tucson, AZ


I'm happy to be writing a testimonial for Jacque; I really like the way she runs things and she’s completely devoted to all her cats.  She takes exceptionally good care of them. 


Recently I got two female Cornish Rexe's from Jacque and the adoption process was smooth and straightforward. No stress at all.  And these kitties are awesome.  They're healthy, affectionate, and already socialized.  During their very first moments in their new home, they both found the litter boxes right away – by themselves!  They didn’t need to use them right then so I’m guessing they wanted to make sure they knew where, just in case.

These guys are everything you’d want in a kitten.  They’re always ready to play and be part of whatever is going on in the house, and when it’s bedtime, at least for me, they crawl right in under the covers with me.  They're adorable, and incredibly endearing.

When they're not playing with me, or with each other, they're happy just to be sitting in my lap, or next to me, and when company comes by they make the rounds.

Sometimes they act just like dogs.  They come when I call them and they like to play fetch.  They’re not typically aloof like some of the cats I’ve had. They never run and hide.  They greet everyone at the door like they know them and are very curious about everything.

These two easily understand “No.”  They may want their way about something sometimes but they don't argue with me about it.  They take re-direction easily which is great because I’d rather be playing with them and loving on them than correcting their behavior.

While I'd like to take credit for their easygoing dispositions, I can't; this is typical behavior of the Cornish Rex.


I think what surprises me the most is how nothing seems to bother them.  From the very first day that I brought them home, things like the vacuum cleaner, garbage disposal, hair dryer, washing machine, power tools, TV, etc., don't bother them.  They either ignore whatever the noise is or go over to investigate. 


If they're not sure about something they look at me, and when I tell them it’s okay, they resume their investigations.

The other day one of them wanted to sit on the vacuum cleaner (canister type) as I was using it, while the other was going back and forth chasing the motorized head.

For me, Jacque was the perfect breeder to go with.  By nature, I have a ton of questions and she had no problem making sure I had the information I needed. 

Cornish Rex Kitten
Cornish Rex Kitten

On the day she delivered my new kittens to me, they were already up to date on all their shots.  She’s even made sure to remind me about what vaccinations and boosters to do next.  She’s even told me, twice now, that if I wasn’t happy with my kitties, or had a change of heart, to let her know so we could work something out that works for everyone - most especially the kitties.  That should tell you something about her.

When the subject comes up, I don’t hesitate to recommend Jacque.  She’s has a lot of integrity and is a great breeder. I couldn’t be any happier with my two little girls.

Mary Anders-Greenwell

Tucson, AZ


Our experience with Arizona Cornish Rex and Sphynx, and Rambunctious Cattery was incredible. We live in the Phoenix metro area and adopted two adorable, playful Cornish Rex kittens (a male and female) from Jacque. It had been a while since I’d had kittens and Jacque was fabulous responding to my questions. The kittens quickly adjusted well to their new (sometimes chaotic) home that includes a dog and three kids. The kittens were so well socialized when we got them and they love following my boys around the house.  I’ve had cats in the past that you barely knew were living in the house. Not so with these kitties. They sit by the window when you leave, run to greet you when you come home, and are eager to cuddle and be pet. With their wagging tails and their people-oriented nature they are almost dog like. We are looking forward to many great years with these two fur babies and recommend Jacque to anyone who wants a breeder that goes above and beyond for her cats (and their owners).

If you've ever received a cat from Jacque, please feel free to share your experience with other folks by sending us your testimonial of any size.  We will post every one of them. One line, or 1000, they all help people folks like yourself with their decision making.

Thanks in advance.

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