• All kittens have pedigree that goes back for five generations

  • All come from champions

New litters will always be announced here.

PLEASE NOTE: Time between litters may seem long as we refuse to over-breed our Dams.

  • Litter of Cornish Rex:    BORN ON: July 7, 2021

  • Litter of Cornish Rex:    BORN ON: July26, 2021

NAME: Smith
DESCRIPTION: Cornish Rex Black and White
M/F: male
DAM: Raptor Girl
SIRE: Studley Doem Right
DOB: July 7, 2021  
Price:  $1425.00


Smith is a very friendly and sweet kitten. He will go looking for you in the house, climb up in your lap and be very content just hanging out with you. He does love to talk and enjoys sharing your meals. Smith's right eye was scratched by another kitten when he was very young. The eye has a cloudy section but this does not bother him at all. 

IMG_7216 (2).JPG

NAME: Colt
DESCRIPTION: Cornish Rex Tabby with white
M/F: Male
DAM: Yada Yada
SIRE: Studley Doem Right
DOB: July 26,2021  
Price:  $1425.00

IMG_7218 (2).JPG

Colt is also very sweet and friendly. He is not as adventurous around the house as Smith. He loves curling up on your bed and hopes you have other cats that he can talk to. He loves playing with toys. He will bond easily with you and your family.

IMG_7217 (2).JPG